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Bigger beats, blissful melodies and outright poetic honesty – Mono XL keeps driving with a uniquely creative sense of identity as they hit the scene again with their brand new single ‘Brown Eyes’.

Quoting influences from Bowie to Prince, Hot Chip, Moderat, The Voidz and Radiohead, multi- instrumental front-man Mike de Lis is unconfined by genre. The Spanish-born artist, now based in London, boasts a life-long dedication to music. His experience is second to none, and his unwavering love for the process completes the essentials for a truly immersive, artistic sound and style.

‘Brown Eyes’ - set for release on 28th January 2022 – is a deep, groovy and atmospheric beautiful song. It immerses you in Mono Xl’s sonic universe and takes you on a trip through nostalgia and psychedelia.

Far from just another artist determined to find fame and fortune, de Lis and the Mono XL project celebrate the sheer joy and privilege of making music. This fulfilment, this inherent connection, shines with unquestionable brightness throughout the brand new single.

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